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Ryan Green

Ryan Green

An ice man turned [self-proclaimed] poultry pro in the making.

When approached, by his older brother, with a crazy idea in winter of 2020/2021, Ryan was halfway through another long, slow, dark, and cold winter in Morgantown, WV. He had been working in the same career, for the same company, for nine years since attending and graduating from West Virginia University in 2014. Ryan was a manager at a distribution and manufacturing facility for one of the largest packaged ice companies in the nation; the perfect college summer job, turned career in management. But after almost 13 years of living in the same town, the timing for relocation and a career change couldn’t be more perfect.

Ryan quit his job in April of 2021, and spent the following month visiting friends and family, while planning for the move south. With every passing day, the fact that all these plans were taking form felt quite surreal. He was walking away from all the things that he had become comfortable and content with, to try something completely different that he knew nothing about. In early June, Ryan officially landed in South Carolina with U-Haul stuffed to the ceiling, where Charles was thrilled to see him…and to finally have furniture in the house.

Off farm, Ryan is passionate about sports. Being a WVU Mountaineer homer in the middle of SEC country isn’t easy, but his love for the Atlanta Braves makes him feel a little more at home. He plays volleyball in his free time, and he made the trip south with his best friend in the form of a six-year-old Black Lab/Boxer mix named Chipper.

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