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Veteran Owned
Family Operated

Two Brothers on a Farming Venture with a Passion in Pasture Raised Poultry 

Here at Greener Pastures, we believe that happy chickens, raised on a healthy and open pasture, fed all organic and non-GMO feed combined with an open buffet to all their favorite insects, seeds, and worms, makes for better meat! After the brooding process, our chickens are raised in chicken tractors, which are moved every morning so that the chickens are never on the same bed of pasture for longer than 24 hours!

We’re happy to have you checking us out at Greener Pastures! Please take some time to browse our website and see what we’ve got growing! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. In the future, YouTube too! (As soon as we fine-tune our video editing)

Currently, we are only raising pastured chicken broilers for sale at farmers markets. But soon we will have an online marketplace and be expanding to turkey and duck orders, and more! 

If you are interested in hearing more from us in the future, or placing an online order please fill out the provided Contact Form.

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