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Our Story

Two brothers and a farm

In December of 2020, two brothers, Charles and Ryan Green, hatched an idea to start something that they could call their own; somewhere or something that they could invest their time, energy, and hard-earned money. After bouncing a few ideas off one another, they found that one common interest remained constant in all their ideas; that common interest was farming.

In quite opposite parts of North America, Charles living in Mexico and Ryan in West Virginia, the Green brothers were starting to plan, even if it a times their thoughts scattered in many different directions. They considered things from growing and harvesting ginseng in the forest, to green housing basic produce and other cash crops. They thought about raising sheep, goats, pigs, and other livestock. But where would they begin? What would be their calling that got them a foot into the door of the farming industry? With very little to no actual experience in the endeavor they were ready to pursue, they also had very little to no clue on where to actually start.


After countless hours of research and going down informational rabbit holes filled with niche markets in which Charles and Ryan knew nothing about.  There were countless shares of websites and blogs between one another, and weekly virtual zoom calls to gather and brainstorm what they’ve collectively learned and what “thing” they were particularly interested in that week. A few confused, but supportive remarks, from puzzled friends and family. They were able to agree on a simple idea that they had both revisited repeatedly, Chickens! More specifically, pasture raised poultry.

A few short months later, in April of 2021, they purchased a 60-acre property in South Carolina. A property that included a three-acre pond, over 40 acres of forest, and 10-15 acres of beautiful pasture.

Originally from York, Pennsylvania, these two Yankees were relocating to Camden, South Carolina. Once settled, Charles and Ryan devised a plan: First they’ll focus on feeding themselves, then their friends and family, and finally, they’d take to the open market and feed their community with the animals they raised. Starting out with following proven practices with pasture-raised chickens, the brothers began their journey.

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